Find your inner piece with jigsaw puzzles.

Featuring limited edition art from artists from around the world.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle you can frame


Puzzle 3-Pack.

Bundle and save with the best deal on the block. This pack features all 3 of our limited edition puzzles. Great for gifts, sharing with pals...or just to keep all for yourself.

➺ 1 x 1000 piece Tiger Queen puzzle
➺ 1 x 1000 piece Trippy Dippy puzzle
➺ 1 x 1000 piece Cheers! puzzle

Gimme Gimme
1000 Piece Puzzle


Celebrating artists.

Fits' puzzles feature artists from around the world. We're not here to make plain-jane puzzles, we're here to make puzzles that would make your Great Aunt Agnes go wild. 

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Feeling anxious or stressed? Puzzling is a proven form of meditation that can help put your mind in flow-state.

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