Oasis - 500 Pieces


Oasis - 500 Pieces

Oasis - 500 Pieces


This 500 piece puzzle will have you dreaming of your next vacation—hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Pieces: 500 Pieces

Difficulty: Easyish

Artist: Rhi James

Box Size: 8" X 5"

USD: $24.00

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Meditate with every piece you place.

Puzzles are a great way to calm your hectic brain. Just like meditation, puzzling stimulates the release of dopamine, a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter. Crazy, right?!


Who knew you could find piece of mind with puzzle?

1000 piece puzzle

A smooth fit.

No more guessing whether a piece fits or not. Our one-of-a-kind punching tool make sure every puzzle piece fits perfectly into the adjacent piece. This sh*t is quality. 

Behold, the power of the puzzle.

Our puzzles are designed to give you what you need. Maybe that's an afternoon alone in your flow-state or a night with friends in deep chats. We hope our puzzles bring you piece of mind, however that may look :)

Your cool cousin’s favourite puzzles.


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